Applications for this year's Infospectrum Graduate Analyst Scheme are now open

Following a successful 2022 scheme, we are delighted to announce that Infospectrum’s second graduate scheme will commence in Autumn 2023. We are now taking applications from ambitious talent, eager to learn and develop a career in the commercial due diligence and counterparty/credit risk research, ratings, and reporting arenas.

For over 20 years, Infospectrum has been the flagship provider of independent counterparty risk appraisal reports and ratings, due diligence research, KYC intelligence, and dynamic supporting solutions; Infospectrum's work is integral to risk management, compliance, and trade approval procedures within the shipping, commodities, and energy trading markets. With its dedicated team of 50 specialist Analysts operating from seven strategic global locations, Infospectrum delivers thoroughly researched and insightful reports to support risk management and compliance decisions with confidence.

Our culture is friendly and collaborative, with a hard-working yet supportive working environment where geographical distance is no barrier to close ties between offices, teams and colleagues. Our values of Teamwork, Independence, Integrity and Trust are at the heart of what we do and the services we provide to our clients.

The Scheme

Over the course of six months, successful candidates will be taken through a comprehensive training programme with the support of a dedicated Training Manager, a global team of experienced Analysts, and fellow Graduate recruits. The scheme is designed to help appointees build expertise in the fundamentals of performing in-depth commercial due diligence, and researching, assessing, rating, and reporting on credit and counterparty risk in the maritime, energy and commodity trading sectors.

We are looking for critical thinkers with an analytical mindset and excellent qualitative and quantitative research and problem-solving skills, combined with strong written and verbal English. Additional languages are advantageous but not essential.

What's in it for you?

  • A comprehensive learning experience within a market-leading organisation, giving valuable commercial experience
  • The opportunity to draw from the experience of a diversified global team of 50 Analysts
  • Dedicated learning support delivered through a comprehensive and highly practical training programme
  • Placement in various regional/segmental desks within the company for greater exposure
  • An intensive six-week training period in our Oxford Office
  • The opportunity of permanent employment upon completion of the scheme
  • Full eligibility for employee benefits packages
  • Salary of £25,000 per annum (pro-rata)

What we're looking for in you

  • A minimum expected 2:1 degree, ideally in finance, economics, business, maritime, law or journalism
  • Commercially minded, with a specific interest in the Maritime, Commodity or Energy trading sectors
  • Strong written/verbal communication and interviewing skills
  • An inquisitive, and analytical mindset, combined with critical reasoning
  • A drive to learn and master the fundamentals of effective due diligence research, risk assessment and professional reporting
  • The ability to receive and apply guidance and to work to/meet strict deadlines
  • Our values to be at the core of what you do


  Read what some of our 2022 Graduates had to say:

Nathan, University of Plymouth

"When joining Infospectrum, I immediately felt part of the team, as everyone was welcoming and willing to help with anything, and this has continued. The office environment is always great, and everyone is approachable and friendly. With the combined knowledge/experience of the team, any questions I’ve had (related to specific companies/industries) have always had someone to answer them!

The initial Oxford-based induction phase of the Graduate Scheme was intense and very hands-on, which I find is the best way to learn. Everything was taught in a comprehensive and logical way, building up bit-by-bit to give you everything needed to plan and conduct research, perform analysis, and produce detailed assessment reports and ratings. Working alongside three other graduates gave me the confidence to ask questions and allowed each of us to learn from one another. The ongoing guidance/support from mentors and the team as a whole is a key plus for me, as it shows the company is invested in our development and wants each graduate to do well, but also feels like there is a personal connection!

The level and detail of the research required is very high, being necessary to inform critical thinking and assessment, all of which makes completing a report and sending it to the client (knowing the amount of work that has gone into it) very rewarding. Every research/reporting case is different, and the company allows you to experience it all, which keeps the job very interesting! Infospectrum’s London Counterparty Risk Forum was a really great opportunity to learn about topical industry matters and to meet clients, while helping me to gain greater understanding of how the industry works; it also showed that the company is proud to have a Graduate Scheme! So far, I’ve enjoyed every part of the job!"

George, Bayes Business School

"The culture and environment at Infospectrum are very friendly and everyone is approachable. Personal agency and accountability are encouraged whilst, simultaneously, there is ample support from colleagues who directly work in your team. Peeling back the layers of the maritime industry to understand and assess risk, and producing detailed assessment reports and ratings, has been very rewarding. Not only do you come across businesses with differing operational remits and capacities, but you also get a market-facing exposure when approaching (often senior management) at the subject companies; I find this is very helpful in terms of professional development.

The initial six-week training phase of the Graduate Scheme (in Oxford) was a great way to start; it was a great opportunity to learn but also helped to ease each of the graduates into the Analyst role. Also, it was a nice way to facilitate us getting to know each other, and the accommodation was a big plus. Every new research/reporting project worked on through to completion is a rewarding experience; one gets to further their understanding of the industry but also gain exposure to new areas they may not even have been aware of. Additionally, Infospectrum’s London Counterparty Risk Forum, which coincides with the early phase of the Graduate Scheme, was a great learning and networking experience that built up a lot of excitement."

Talya, University of Bristol

As someone from outside the due diligence/counterparty risk industry, upon joining the Infospectrum team as a Graduate Analyst, I immediately knew I was in good hands, surrounded by a variety of industry experts, all of whom share a dedication to the company values and an appreciation for individual expertise. As a Graduate Analyst, you are encouraged to undertake research on an array of companies, from ship operators in Europe to commodity traders in Africa, with the support of a truly global team and the desire to produce precise and insightful work.

While the initial induction period in the Oxford office grounds graduates in the fundamental components of the industry, you are encouraged to develop a sense of agency and ownership over all stages of the work, which is crucial for both development and confidence in the professional world. While every report is different, graduates are taught the importance of the company’s various services and products and are encouraged to develop the skills needed to promote critical thinking, enhance writing skills and produce quality work from day one. As such, you are able to walk into almost all areas of the industry with confidence and positivity. Each mentor truly adds a unique element to the learning process, which I have found invaluable in the development of my research, analysis, and overall success in the production of risk assessment reports and ratings.


How do I apply?

Send us your CV and a cover letter setting out your motivation for pursuing this opportunity by completing the form below, or send your email to

The closing date for applications is 16th April 2023

If you have any questions about the process, please email us at:

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