Fast, convenient sanctions searches

Sirius is Infospectrum’s proprietary sanctions search platform, used by clients to conduct searches on vessels, companies and individuals. 

While sanctions checks against an entity, its identified officers, shareholders or partners, and ultimate beneficial owners are a standard component of our Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports and ratings, Sirius provides added value by enabling users to quickly and efficiently perform their own sanctions checks.

How can Infospectrum help?

Quickly and efficiently search your counterparties

Entry of a single search term in Sirius will automatically cross-reference that term with the key national and international sanctions lists.

Furthermore, in response to the wave of new sanctions imposed upon Russian entities and persons following the invasion of Ukraine, Sirius is now configured to check for sanctions updates every hour. This means searches can be performed against the very latest data.

The key sanctions lists searched by Sirius are:

   UK - Financial sanctions targets: list of all asset-freeze targets
   UN - United Nations Security Council Consolidated List
   EU - Consolidated Sanctions List
   US - Consolidated Sanctions List
   US - Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN)
   Switzerland - Consolidated Sanctions List
   Australia - Consolidated Sanctions List
   Canada - Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List

Sirius will return value matches (or confirmation of no matches occurring) and allows users to document their search activity and results.A downloadable date and time-stamped PDF provides a clear audit trail for users, offering critical support for KYC and compliance procedures.

The document includes confirmation of:

- All sanctions sources consulted and the date and time of the latest search

- The search parameters used

- The search results


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