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The role of the voluntary carbon market in decarbonising shipping – A practical guide to leveraging opportunities and managing risks”, is the latest whitepaper from Infospectrum's ESG Desk.

In this paper, you can explore:

  • The voluntary carbon market and its application within shipping, including transaction examples

  • Key short and long-term considerations for market participants evaluating their approach to this evolving market

  • The intersections between the voluntary carbon market and compliance markets, including the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
  • Infospectrum VERify - the latest due diligence offering from Infospectrum’s ESG Desk for voluntary carbon market participants. This bespoke solution includes an evaluation of underlying assumptions such as payback calculations for sellers and counterparty risk assessments for buyers (including ownership, sanctions, reputational factors and record)

What our network is saying about Infospectrum's Voluntary Carbon Market Whitepaper:

“The shipping sector is changing rapidly and there is a lot of information available from a variety of sources around the topic of decarbonization.  Infospectrum’s paper does a wonderful job of explaining voluntary carbon credits and their possible role and value in addressing this challenge for the sector.  The paper goes on to clear up some common misconceptions about the pending inclusion of shipping in the EU-ETS and the related value of any such allowances, coexistence with the voluntary market and credit vs allowance eligibility.  We would recommend that people involved with climate change impact and decarbonization in the shipping sector read this paper to better understand the challenges and opportunities in 2023 and beyond.”

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About Infospectrum's ESG Desk

Infospectrum’s ESG Desk provides practical and actionable insights for clients seeking to understand the potential and growing impact of ESG/sustainability regulations and norms on their business operations, financial position, and reputational standing. Leveraging our expertise in counterparty risk, due diligence and KYC research, we offer a range of services that discern key risks and opportunities, helping shipping, commodities and energy market players to successfully incorporate relevant considerations from this broad and rapidly evolving space into their businesses. Our work includes:

Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings, due diligence and KYC intelligence covering the stakeholders, incumbent and emerging, driving the ESG/sustainability imperative

Identifying, monitoring and informing clients on emerging ESG/sustainability macro trends with the potential to create material risks and opportunities for their businesses and stakeholders

Independent and impartial analysis of the evolving ESG/sustainability ecosystem, including commonly adopted voluntary reporting and disclosure mechanisms, potential future regulatory interventions, and emerging global standards

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